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Powers of the Authority in Regulation of Trade

  • CAA can intervene in to the market in order to curb the malpractices in the marketplace and safeguard the consumers.
  • Determine general and special directions relating to manufacture, import, selling, storing, distribution of goods and services.
  • Taking actions to assure the quality of the goods and services.
  • Investigate or inquire in to product & services which does not confirm with the standards or warranty.
  • Authority can enter in to agreement with manufacturers or traders on maximum price, standards, and specifications, any other conditions on manufacture, import, supply, storage, distribution, transportation, marking, labeling or sale of any goods.
  • Determine & declare essential goods after the minister has decided it is compulsory for day today life of consumer.
  • Investigate or inquire into anti-competitive practices and abuse of domain position.
  • The authority may on a compliant or request made to it by any person, any organization,of consumers or associations of traders carry out an investigation with respect to the prevalence of any anti-competitive practices.
Last Update: 12-06-2024
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