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Consumer Complaints

The Authority receives complaints on a wide range of products and services. Objective of providing this service is to assist the aggrieved consumers to settle their problems in purchasing goods or obtaining services in the market place. The Authority can inquire into complaints on goods as well as services. Authority is empowered to inquire into complaints regarding the production, manufacture, supply, storage, transportation or sale of any goods and to the supply of any services which does not conform to the standards and specifications determined by the Authority.

More over Authority can inquire into complaints regarding the manufacture or sale of any goods which does not confirm the warranty or guarantee given by implication. Consumer Affairs Authority carries out investigations based either upon its own motion or on any complaint/requests made by any consumer or organization of consumers. Individual consumer or any organization of consumers can make complaints or can provide information on erroneous trade practices. Many of the matters under dispute have been settled either through direct written communication or through discussion and verbal negotiation with the relevant parties to the dispute.

Any complaint to this effect may be sent to:

Director General,
Consumer Affairs Authority,
No 27, Vauxhall street,
Colombo 02.

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Hot Line: 1977
Consumer Complaint unit    011-7755481-2-3

Last Update: 12-06-2024
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