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Maintaining level playing field for fostering competition (MRP Administration).

Protection of local industries through promotion of level playing field.

In this regard few consumer goods (as listed below) have been identified to price mark with Maximum Retail Price (MRP) at the time of importation and are being administered along with Department of Customs and monitored by Competition Promotion Division.

Gazette notification No.1505/15 of 11/07/2007 issued under the section 10 of Consumer Affairs Authority (CAA) Act mandates all the importers of five identified products to price mark before goods are imported to the country. Accordingly, Department of Customs has issued an order to submit applications along with the intended MRP to the Authority. Authority after perusing the declarations provides a reference number to the importers, which enables importers to clear the goods from Customs.
Following five products importers are forwarding the declared MRP to the Consumer Affairs Authority. Based on the MRP a CESS is being imposed by the Department of Customs.
I) Confectioneries  - HS Code No.1704
II) Chocolate  - HS Code No. 1806
III) Biscuits  - HS Code No. 1905
IV) Cake   - HS Code No. 1905
V) Toilet Soap  - HS Code No. 3401
Necessary documents in MRP Submission:
1. Request letter addressing to Director General of CAA from the importer with importer details including warehouse.
2. MRP declaration ( in two sets of documents)

3. The following Original documents along with a set of copies.

b)commercial invoice
c)packing list
d)Bill of landing and supporting documents along with a set of copies.

MRP Data Base Click here for Download

Handling complaints from trade.

If you are experiencing anti-competitive practice in the business environment you may write to;

Consumer Affairs Authority
No.27, Vauxhall Street, Colombo 02.

And if you need any prior consultation assistance in relation to anti competitive practices you can contact;

Director - Competition Promotion Division
Tele: 0117755464

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