Canned Fish (425g) (Rs.176.5) 0     Chicken with Skin (Rs.380) 0     Coconut (Rs.46.5) -9.5     Dhal (Rs.185) 2.5     Green Gram (Rs.256.5) 1.5     Nadu (Rs.76.5) 0     Potatoes Local (Rs.120) -40     Raw Red (Rs.68) -7     Raw White (Rs.75) -1     Samba (Rs.90) 0.5     Sugar White (Rs.80) 2    

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Staff development program

Staff development program will be held on 22nd of May 2015 from 9.30 a.m. to 1.30 p.m. at CAA Auditorium. Purpose of this program is...


Consumer Rights Day -2015 Consumers’ Right to Healthy Food

Consumer Rights Day -2015-03-15Consumers’ Right to Healthy Food Fifteenth March of Every year has been recognized as the World Consumer Rights Day and consumer groups,...


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